We’ve recently seen some great examples of modding multi-point Google Maps in FileMaker Layouts. Here are two very slick mods based on our ProMaps template…

Filtering (and Color Coding) Based on Found Sets.

This first mod was done by Lisette Wilson of Informing Designs; she’s linked ProMaps to SeedCode Calendar so that the contents of the map change as users navigate the calendar. That alone is pretty cool, but she’s also letting users change the way the appointments on the map are color coded. In the first screenshot they’re color coding by the customer’s tank capacity:

While in this one they’re color coding by the day of the week the appointment is scheduled for. This lets users scan their map for appointments that are physically close to each other but aren’t scheduled for the same day:

Note that the pins also have the trick number assigned to that job (or “U” if a truck hasn’t been assigned yet). Lisette is using the Google Charts API to create those pins on the fly since there could be any combination of pin color and truck number. Very cool trick.

For more information about this kind of deep integration between maps and calendars, and other interesting mapping mods, please get in touch with Lisette.

Creating a Found Set by Circling Pins on the Map

The mod below was done by David McCulloch and represents a really cool workflow. He looks at his customers on the map–having filtered them down by zone and account type–and then draws a polygon around the ones he’s interested in. His scripts then gather the selected pins into a found set to which he assigns a sales rep and a date to visit them (in step “3” of the screenshot below).

While we added the polygon thing to ProMaps for him, David did the rest of the scripting here and has embedded little maps like this all over his solution to help his users keep their customers in context. Really nice work.

If you’re interested in adding drawing tools like this to the multi-point Google maps in ProMaps for FileMaker, please let us know.

More Inspiration: Beautiful Icons for your Maps

If  you’re building your own maps, or making your own mods to our ProMaps template, you’ll want to check out these map icons from http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com. Nicolas Mollet has been maintaining a great resource of free map icons but his site is currently down for maintenance (?). We hope it comes back soon but you can see the kinds of icons he offers in another one of our customers mods here. Enjoy!

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  1. Nicolas Mollet’s free icon link is no longer valid. Is there another source?

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