Scriptable FileMaker Sync

GoZync is the most reliable and most transparent framework for developers to sync their offline FileMaker Go files. Built solely in FileMaker Pro (no plugins) it’s designed for you to modify.

• Pull found sets (just my data) down to mobile users.

• Deploy new builds of mobile files to your users.

• Trust database transactions for reliable sync

February 2014 — FileMaker, Inc. publishes a GoZync case study featuring realestate inspections.
January 2016 — GoZync 5 also works with the new iOS SDK to sync and update native apps.

Sync FileMaker without wires

FileMaker Sync Settings


Sync your FileMaker Go files anytime, anywhere, and use them offline. Update and deliver new builds without using cumbersome workarounds like email or iTunes. No matter where your users are, GoZync will protect the integrity of your data over nearly any connection.

Download Free Version Pricing from $498

GoZync Maps testimonial Braun

Braun Electric uses GoMaps and GoZync in their  "innovative job safety analysis application". Jason Larson, at Braun, modified GoMaps and GoZync for this app and his work was recently the subject of a FileMaker Inc. case study.

GoZync Testimonials BP

Blueprint is one of the largest residential construction lenders in Seattle and run their whole lending practice from a FileMaker solution named Blueprint Connect™. FileMaker Inc published a case study of Blueprint's mobile inspection app powered by GoZync.

GoZync Testimonials - 4

FileMaker Platinum firm FullCity Consulting are GoZync experts and have completed a great app for syncing on-site water quality inspections back to their customer’s main office. Check out screen shots in this case study.

GoZync Testimonials 5

We’re now able to complete evaluations in less time, and provide much more meaningful reports.

— FileMaker Platinum firm IT Solutions chooses GoZync to power an app for the Center for Disabilities Studies. Detailed case study and screenshots here.

GoZync Testimonials X

Your and Todd's hard work with GoZync helps make FileMaker Go be actually business-grade.

— Cosma L. Muresan

GoZync Testimonails - 4

This solves a host of problems that otherwise make deployment to mobile devices unfeasible or unprofitable on FileMaker Go.

— Donnovan Chandler of Beezwax wrote up a nice description of GoZync, along with some comments a year later: Beezwax Blog.

GoZync Testimonials 3

GoZync was featured in the DevCon 2011 keynote. FileMaker Inc. demonstrated a Zync deployment for STAT Bio-Medical that, according to the owner, "saved the company". We have screen shots and a video of the case study here.

GoZync Testimonials 2

Wow, you and your team are amazing. Thank you for the rapid response and assistance on these files. Thanks to your efforts, the team down in Haiti was able to go out, do patient visits, and successfully sync their patient data.

— Joel Fauntleroy (more testimonials)

Unlimited Device License


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An unlimited device license for a single instance of the GoZync framework at a single site.


from $498

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Most Popular

Price: $399 plus $99 per device (total devices, not concurrent connections)

Additional Devices

$99 ea

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Price: $99 per device (total devices - not concurrent connections)

  • Sync one FileMaker Pro (laptop) or FileMaker Go (iPhone or iPad) device
  • Requires the ProZync engine.
  • Add additional licenses as you need them.
Free Version & Demo


Download the free version to sync a single table, then turn on the demo more.

Free Version / Demo


You can upgrade to the Unlimited or Vertical Market License for the difference between them and what you’ve purchased so far. Contact us for details.

Or upgrade to the Unlimited Device license automatically once you’ve purchased your 27th device license.


Add GoZync to an applications you’re reselling–what we used to call shrink wrapped software–for $6,500 with unlimited devices across multiple servers. Learn more.

Requirements & Docs

GoZync requires FileMaker 13 or higher. You can sync FMGo-to-FileMaker Server or FMGo-to-FileMaker Pro: GoZync does not require FileMaker Server, though the new Perform-Script-On-Server features in GoZync 5 only work on FileMaker Server 13 or higher. GoZync works on Mac, Windows, and iOS using the latest version of FileMaker Go.

Learn more in the GoZync Docs.

Zync-Ready Apps

In addition to the sample contacts file that comes with GoZync, we’re building a suite of small templates for FileMaker Go that are all ready wired to sync. The first two are...

TimeZync: offline time tracking for iPhone.

GoMaps: interactive maps for FileMaker Go on iPad.

Tips, Tricks, & SQL Sources

Filtering records: syncing found sets.

Filter records based on the user's location: walkthrough & example file.

Syncing SQL Sources: GoZync can leverage FileMaker’s ESS (External SQL Source) support to let you sync your mobile app with hosted SQL sources including Oracle and MySQL tables. Learn more about connecting FileMaker Go to Oracle or MySQL.

Troubleshooting and speed testing with Sync Logs.

GoZync 5 Webinars: July 22nd, 2014 and January 27, 2014

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