New for FileMaker 12-13

Get to know our Pro Calendar with this free version. This contains a basic version of the calendar from our Pro solution, using the same dead-simple graph so the calendar can be pasted into your file.

The file is completely unlocked for you to modify. For some people, this may be all the calendar they need.

June 2014 — Deploy your calendar in a web browser: our Pro version now runs in WebDirect!

Free Calendar

Unlocked calendar layout you can link to your own files. Well documented and designed to be modified.

Download - It's Free

Testimonials - Free Cal 1

I just want to say what a great job you guys do in providing SeedCode free. I've working on a project with it currently for my own medical practice and its great. I looked at the more complete projects but they were more then I needed. I even had a breath holding moment where I screwed it up but found the solution in the help forum in 1 min. Just great.

— Martin SuttonBrown

Testimonials - Free Cal 2

Just a quick note of thanks. You have made integrating your free calendar remarkably easy. This is a fantastic tool. Again, many thanks.

— Joshua Beckett (more testimonials)

Free Calendar


Need the calendar in a Web Browser?

Our Pro Calendar includes layouts and scripts tuned for WebDirect so you can run it in a browser. And since it's all just native FileMaker, you can edit it to match your other layouts. Check out screenshots and a movie of it in action. (WebDirect requires FileMaker Server 13 or higher.)


You can rely on our online documentation for answers to common installation and modification questions, or look to our support forums for questions and answers posted by other SeedCode Calendar users.