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SeedCode Complete

A Starter Solution for the Real World

Get a head start on new databases. SeedCode Complete links the drag-and-drop DayBack calendar to Contacts, Projects, and Invoices. It offers a framework for creating new FileMaker solutions that gives you elegant behaviors but is still simple enough to get inside and modify. New: Now includes DayBack Calendar.

FileMaker Templates & Add-Ons

<span style="color:rgb(69, 208, 69)">The Latest</span>  DayBack Calendar

Unlocked, Drag & Drop Calendar Add-On

Easily bolt an award winning calendar to your existing database, taking advantage of clearly written, straightforward code that is easy to customize. Our latest calendar includes simplified relationships, drag and drop scheduling, unlimited resources, and step-by-step instructions for adding the calendar to your file. New: the latest in-app updates include pivoted resource scheduling views, drag-to-duplicate records, and breakout view for balancing your workload..

ProMaps: Scriptable Google Maps for FileMaker

Like "Map View" For Your Data

Interactive, multi-pin Google Maps view for your FileMaker Pro/Go layouts. New: the all-new ProMaps now includes support for routing and for drawing "found set shapes" right on the map.


Secure, Searchable Chat for FileMaker Networks

Collaborate with your other FileMaker users right in FileMaker Pro, sending attachments, images, and links to the records you’re talking about. Built solely in FileMaker Pro, FMChat is completely unlocked for you to bolt on to your own solutions.

SQL Explorer (free)

New Learn SQL using FileMaker metaphors

This free tool lets you learn FileMaker 12 SQL using FileMaker metaphors you already know. Follow along in our wizard and you’ll be writing queries against your own data that you can paste into your own FileMaker files-- or export the results right out of the explorer.

Mobile & Sync for FileMaker Go

GoZync: FileMaker Sync Engine

Scriptable Sync for FileMaker Go

GoZync is a framework and template for building offline go solutions that talk to hosted FMP files. You get the sync engine along with beautiful sample files for your iPad and FileMaker Host. Add GoZync to your own solutions or build out from the files included here. No plugins or Java technologies in use; just straight-up FileMaker scripting.


Time tracking for FileMaker Go - with sync built-in

A super fast time entry app for FileMaker Go that can be used live (connected to your hosted files) or offline and sync later. Built on the GoZync framework, TimeZync requires a ProZync license use in synced mode.

Shirts & Hoodies

Shirts for SeedCoders

Super soft shirts and hoodies

If you rely on SeedCode apps--or if your own work helps others get up and running--be proud you're a seedcoder.

DayBack Calendar
DayBack's 30-day trial is unlocked so you can customize it and integrate it with your files.
Download DayBack and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips on how to modify it and use some of the coolest features.
Thank you! Please download: DayBack Calendar
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Need More?
SeedCode tips & example files in your inbox
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Download TimeZync and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips syncing your FileMaker Go files.
Thank you! Please download: TimeZync
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Be the first to see articles and tips like these