Adding Fields

How can I add my own fields to the calendar?


You can show fields from your own table(s) in two places in the calendar: on the main calendar views (like Day, Week, and Month), and in the event detail popover (what you see when you click on an event).

Main calendar views (like Day, Week, Month, etc.)

When you mapped the calendar to your FileMaker table you mapped a field to "Event Summary Calc". This is the field used to display event content on the main calendar view. If you're using DayBack for FileMaker this is most likely the field called "DBk_EventSummaryCalc". Edit the definition of the field you've mapped here to include additional fields in the calendar, even including fields from related records like contacts.
You can include as many fields here as you'd like, just know that the "deeper" looks among your relationships, the slower the calendar will be at retrieving this data from FileMaker Server. So if you only use fields from your events table, it will be pretty fast. If you include related fields it will slow down slightly but related fields are so useful everyone uses them (the contact's phone number in our example is a related field). If you include summary fields or summary calcs it can really slow down.
Note that the separator between values is currently a pipe "|". You can change that by editing the "Return Character Substitution" value in Admin Settings / Event Styles.

The event detail popover (what you see when you click on an event)

When you click on an event in the calendar, the fields you see there are determined by the other fields you've mapped in Settings / Calendar Sources.

Notes for each field are available by clicking "Details...". A couple fields deserve special attention:

Status: this is the field by which we color code your events. Now this may not be a "status", it could be a division with your company, or a process, but color coding by some field is cool. You can change the word "status" in the calendar's display by editing the translation file--which is easier than it sounds. =)
Resource: this is the field that becomes a column on the calendar's "Resource" view. Again, resources may be sales people, trucks, or barbershop chairs. If you have a resource that folks compete for in your business, this is where you map that. This is a very powerful way to look at your events (and to make sense of a dense calendar) so read up on resources here.

Adding more fields

You can go beyond the default fields DayBack shows on it's popover by creating additional fields. This is great for folks with more complex events or with required fields that need to be filled out before an event is created.

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