Default Calendars

DayBack lets each user decide which calendar should be used for new events. This setting is available for each calendar by clicking on the gear icon beside each calendar in DayBack's left-hand sidebar.

The "for me" option is available for each of your users provided you have NOT set one of the calendars to be the default "for everyone". Only admins can see the "for everyone" option.

So if you set a calendar as the default "for everyone" then your users will always use that calendar by default for new events. If you leave that setting at "no" then each user can pick their own default calendar for new events.

How can I create events for a specific source?

If you have multiple sources in the calendar we follow a simple rule to determine in which source an event is created:

You can set a default source for new events in the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup..."
If only one source is visible (is turned on in the Sources tab) then we create the event in that source.
If multiple sources are shown, and the default source is among them, we use the default source.
If multiple sources are shown, and the default source is NOT among them, we use the first visible source.

The Default Source setting is not in place yet but will be soon.

Can I make event records from outside the calendar, such as from my own FileMaker layouts?

Absolutely. DayBack reads the events in your FileMaker tables so events you create there--by whatever means--will show up in the calendar.

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