Event Popovers in DayBack Online


When you click on or create a new event in the calendar, you'll see your event in a popover:

This article describes the options available for changing how this works.

What If I Want to Work in *My* Event in a Layout Instead of a Popover?

Some users have very detailed layouts for editing their events and would rather just use those instead of our webviewer popover.

In DayBack for FileMaker you can configure DayBack to use your own layout instead of the popover, and you can specify a different configuration for each source in the calendar. (In DayBack's sample file, you'll see the calendar use a webviewer for "Sample Events" and a FileMaker layout for "To-Dos".)

This isn't an option in DayBack Online as everything is happening in a browser. You can, however, preview your event in DayBack's popover and then jump to your own layout using a custom action when you need more detail. This custom action can call a url that opens the event in FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, or goes to a particular layout in WebDirect.

What Are My Options for Changing How the Popover Looks & Behaves?

While you can't edit the popover as easily as you can edit a FileMaker layout, you still have a number of options for how this works.

� Field Mapping. When you integrated DayBack into your files you mapped the fields in this popover to the fields in your table. This field mapping is done Admin / Sources / Source Settings.
� Hiding Fields. Hiding unused fields like "Project" or "Contact" is a very simple configuration item in Source Settings as well: just uncheck "enabled" aside the field.
� Color. The swatch of color in the upper left is defined by the field you mapped to "status" in your Source Settings. If the value in that field matches one of the Status Filter colors (in the calendar's left hand sidebar) you'll see the event's color here.
� Changing Text Labels: Translation. You can change the text used for any of the labels or buttons in the popover by editing the calendar's translation file. This is how you rename "resources" to "trucks" or "project" to "case". Learn more here: translation.
� Styles and CSS. By editing DayBack's CSS? you can change the appearance of items in the popover, including fonts and colors.
� Add Your Own Buttons: Custom Actions. Probably the most important thing you can add to the popover is a series of your own buttons. These "custom action buttons" will call scripts in your own file letting you manipulate the event, or simply jump out of DayBack to work with the event in your own layouts. You can have as many action buttons as you'd like. Learn how to add them here: Custom Actions.
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