Note: licenses for DayBack for FileMaker won't work with DayBack Online. This online version has it's own licenses. Existing DayBack users get a good discount on DayBack online so check it out: link needed.

Entering a License and Activating for DayBack Online

Once you've purchased a license to DayBack Online you'll receive an email with your order number and license information (this info also appears on screen as soon as you complete your purchase). This is the info you'll nee to paste into DayBack Online:

Order Number: SEE150502-3088-13105
Registered To: MyCompany, Inc.

To enter this information, navigate to the "Settings" tab in DayBack's left-hand side bar and then click the "Administrator Settings" button. You'll see a "License and Billing" tab on the left. Click that and you'll see your current billing status and a button for entering a new license. (If your DayBack trial has expired you may see this button when you start up DayBack.)

Past your order number, email, and registered to name into the fields provided and click "Activate".


If your activation is rejected it may be that you included labels like "Email: " in your submission, or simply mistyped your order number.

In rare cases your company firewall may block access to our activation server. To see if this is the case, try to open by hand. You should see our logo and nothing else: if you don't see our logo you'll likely need to ask your network people to "whitelist" our license server:

If none of this is helping, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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