Refreshing The Calendar

When does the calendar refresh?

When Editing Events or Navigating

When you click on an event in DayBack, the event is presented in an Event Details popover. When you close that window DayBack will refresh that event, if you've modified the record, but the calendar won't attempt to search for other events that may have been created by other users.
This means that edits and new event records created by other users won't just show up on your display without any interaction on your part. Normally this isn't a big deal as the calendar requests new events from the server each time you a) navigate from day to day, b) apply advanced filters, or c) switch views (like from month to day view). But if you're just staring at your screen, you may want to manually refresh to make sure you have the latest data from the server.
Note that while this doesn't sound very "FileMaker like", most complicated screens (and certainly most traditional calendars) don't "refresh" automatically either, since the relationships they use for display are too "deep" to respond to notifications of new or edited records from the server.

Manually Refreshing

You'll find a refresh button below the date in the calendar's header.
If you right-click anywhere in the calendar's display you'll see an option to "reload"; select that and DayBack will refresh the display AND fetch any events that may have been created by other users.
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