Repeating Events

Can I Create Repeating Events in DayBack?

Yes, you can make both multi-day events and repeating events.

Multi-Day Appointments

To create appointments that span more than one day, simply enter an end date for the event. For more information, see Event Duration.

Repeating Appointments

Repeating events are supported for Google Calendar sources, but not for FileMaker events. But repeating events created in DayBack for FileMaker show up correctly and can be edited to create exceptions to the repetition chain. For FileMaker you might find it easer to option-drag an event to duplicate it than to create actual repetitions.
For Google events, when creating or editing an event you'll see a checkbox to make the item repeating. Clicking that will bring up the screen below where you can specify the repeat frequency:

In addition, if you have repeating events already created in Google, DayBack will understand them and render them correctly. You can also edit a repeating event in DayBack: you'll be asked if you'd like to treat your edit as an exception to the repeating events... moving just this one repetition to another resource or another time.

DayBack also supports editing and deleting events from a series, deleting the whole series, or just deleting future events in the series.

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