By default, DayBack attempts to sense your preferred language and date formats from your computer's system settings.

If that doesn't work in you situation, you can change the language by hand following the instructions below.

The language settings described here only effect the calendar interface. Sadly, admin screens, help, and this documentation are only available in English.

How Do I Select a Different Language for the Calendar?

Log in as an administrator and you'll see an option to set the default language under Admin Settings & Defaults / Misc

Can I Create My Own Languages?

Yes. This is not only how you'll teach DayBack to run in Romanian, for example, but how you'll transform the English labels used by default into language more appropriate to your business (like swapping out "resources" for "trucks").

If this is a new language you want everyone to use--or you want to switch the english labels like swapping out "resources" for "trucks"--just pick one of the existing languages (like english) and edit it. Then be sure to set this as the default language in Admin Settings & Defaults / Misc.

If you'd like to create a new language you users can switch to, and give it a new name, select "Translation" from Admin Settings & Defaults and then click "New Language.

Note: "New Language" isn't yet available and will be coming via an in-app update soon.

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