If your file is using the separation model, meaning your data is in one file and your interface is another file, then please read below for some additional integration steps.

Integrate ProMaps Into Your Data File

Open your data file (yes, your data file) and integrate ProMaps following the standard integration instructions. If you would like, you can ignore the part where you create value lists for selecting areas and filters. And you only need to add the layouts and scripts noted below. If you create all layouts and scripts in your data file, it's not a big deal; they just won't get used here.

Add these the five layouts and copy their contents to your data file:

"ProMaps Startup"
"Popover Setup"
"ProMaps Markers Utility"
"ProMaps Areas Utility"
"ProMaps Template"

Import these four scripts:

"Check Valid Settings Record"
"Get Popover Fields"
"Load Map Settings"
"Load Marker Images"

Once ProMaps is integrated into your data file we can move on to your interface file.

Integrate ProMaps Into Your Interface File

1. Set up data source and add TO's
Open your interface file and navigate to "File -> Manage -> External Data Sources...". Now double click on your data file data source (the data file you integrated ProMaps in the previous step). Change the name of the data source to "ProMaps". It is important that you only edit the name of the data source and not the path or filename. Press "OK" to save your changes.

Navigate to "File -> Manage -> Database" and click on the "Relationships" tab. We need to add 4 table occurrences to your interface file from your data file that we have now labeled as "ProMaps".

Please add these table occurrences from ProMaps (your data file):


It is best if you relate Properties to Media via the fields "_id" to "_id_Property". This will save some trouble even if you aren't planning on using images.

Once these table occurrences are created in the relationship graph of your interface file you can start following the integration instructions in your interface file--remembering that you don't need to create fields and tables: those were already created in your data file.

After completing the integration in your interface file, modify "Initialize ProMaps" script, by adding two new Perform Script steps at the top of the script, calling the "Load Map Settings" and "Load Marker Images" scripts in your data file. You can remove/disable the existing "Load Marker Images" Perform Script step, but do not remove the existing "Load Map Settings" Perform Script step.

One final note: while almost all of your settings will be set up here in your interface file, the popover setup field mapping will need to be done on the Popover Setup layout in your data file. Changes to the Popover Setup layout in your interface file will not reflect on the map.

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