Version History

What is the latest build of ProMaps.

The build number for your copy of ProMaps can be found on the bottom edsge of the home screen or in the field Interface::BuildNumberCalc.

The latest build of ProMaps is Build 1.053 (April 28, 2017) This fixed an issue where the in-map buttons wouldn't fire scripts in FileMaker 16 (by enabling the fmurlscript extended privilege as described at the top of the page here).

This also changed two scripts to restore compatibility with MacOS Sierra. You can make this change in your copy by modifying the last line in two scripts to add an additional forward-slash (/) to the url calculation:

In the "Export Map HTML" script, find the "Set Variable [$$sc_MapURL" statement. In the "Export Route HTML" script, find the "Set Variable [$$sc_MapRouteURL" statement and change this line in the value:
Substitute(sc_filepath ; "file:/" & sc_root & "/" ; "file:///")
to this:
Substitute(sc_filepath ; "file://" & sc_root & "/" ; "file:///")
Run the "Upon Opening ProMaps" script and your map should appear correctly.

Build 1.052 (September 13, 2016) This added some CSS to suppress a irrelevant browser warning on some Windows machines. If you'd like to make this change in your copy, instructions are at the end of the page in Troubleshooting.

Build 1.05 (August 15, 2016) This is a major new build which introduced a new interface, constrain options, and routing to the map.

If you're upgrading from an older version, you'll find discounted upgrade pricing here. The changes from our old version are too numerous to make line-by-line in your file: every layout, and nearly every script, has changed. So the best way to upgrade is to integrate this new file from scratch: there are fewer layouts in this new version so it won't take as long as with the last one.

A couple tips:

Don't delete your Home, Properties Map, Properties List, or Properties Details layouts: keep the layout, just delete their contents. You'll add new layout contents and script triggers as part of the integration instructions.
Delete all your ProMaps scripts and fields: you'll reimport them from the new file.
Don't delete your value lists. You'll be adding a couple more but can reuse some of the ones you have.

The history and documentation for earlier versions can be found here.

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