Working With Areas


Areas are used to group properties and to filter larger maps into manageable (and faster) chunks. Areas can also have borders and outlines.

Adding and editing areas

Managing and editing areas is done in Settings / Areas & Borders. You'll see a portal where you can create new areas and add borders if necessary.

Be sure to click the button at the bottom of the screen after you've made any changes if you'd like to see them in the current map. Otherwise, you'll need to close and reopen the file to see your changes.

Assigning areas to your properties

Now that you've created some areas, how do we know which area a given property belongs to? There is a field in your properties table called "gm_Area"-- this is one of ProMaps' required fields that you added to your hosted file when you integrated ProMaps. The value in that field is the name of the area for that property.

You'll see this field on the Properties Detail layout of ProMaps:

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