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Does Complete Run in WebDirect?

Yes! It was designed expressly for WebDirect...which happens to make it *very* fast in regular FileMaker Pro as well.

Does the Calendar run in WebDirect?

DayBack can run in WebDirect, but for Complete we've provided versions of our older Calendar that provides a better integrated experience with Complete. The Calendar file will branch to these layouts and scripts if it detects it is being opened in WebDirect. The documentation for the WebDirect Calendar can be found here.


The primary limitation of WebDirect, beyond performance and general experience, is printing. If Printing/PDF generation is important to your organization, then we recommend using a PDF "robot machine" to generate the PDF for the WebDirect client. Robots are are a tried and true technique for creating PDFs for clients who can't create their own, although they do require an open station and an additional license of FileMaker.

Such a robot routine is built into SeedCode Complete and you can learn more about it here: printing with robots.

There are some plug-ins that provide the mechanism for having FileMaker Server generate PDFs, but this is according to a template and is completely disconnected from any FileMaker layout, so using a plug-in is a little removed from the traditional Filemaker Preview Mode / Printing.

Our friend and colleague John Renfrew has been doing some amazing work doing server side PDF generation based on FileMaker layouts here that should be going public in early 2015. We're looking forward to seeing this product and recommend keeping an eye on it too!

Contacts in WebDirect

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