Scheduling Edition Vs Pro

How Does the Scheduling Edition Differ From the Regular Pro Calendar?

The scheduling edition offers a number of enhancements over the Pro Calendar, but can be thought of as introducing 2 major features:

Clients The scheduling edition links appointments to clients, allowing you to create new clients right from the calendar or to select exiting clients from a type-ahead portal. Client information (like phone numbers) is easily displayed in the calendar. You can use this clients table as-is or swap it out for your own client´s table. See Switching Clients Tables? for instructions.

Resource Scheduling You can now associate each appointment with a resource and see a scheduling grid with resources across the top and appointment times down the left. Appointments are placed at the appropriate point on the grid which the size of the appointment reflecting its duration. This scheduling view is available in 2 scales (showing 5 hours and 11 hours). A horizontal orientation is also available where times are across the top and resources down the side. You can create and edit appointments on the scheduling views just as you do in the Day, Week and Month views: clicking in an open appointment time allows you to create a new appointment for that resource at that time. The resource attribute also introduces a third filter to the calendar so that you can filter appointments by user (staff), resource, and appointment type.

In addition, you'll find a number of enhancements to the CC Calendar engine...

- You can now see the appointments for a given time by clicking on the time in the blue hours columns on the Daily or Week views. Shift-clicking there creates a new appointment for that time.

- Should you click on a time where there is more than 1 appointment (or on an appointment that overlaps another), you can now scroll through the relevant appointments in the Edit Appointment mini window.

- Scripts and calculations have been further consolidated to make editing easier and complex calculations have been further prefaced with let statements so they are easier to point at other files.

- You can set the calendar to flag appointment conflicts.

- The FAQ engine has been retooled to let you add, edit, and delete FAQ content, allowing you to use the engine as a help system for your own purposes.

- FAQ content has been expanded with over 20 new entries and examples.

- The calendar now uses a more cross-platform friendly font, Tahoma, for a better look on XP machines.

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