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GoZync4: GoZync for FileMaker Go

Welcome to GoZync's Documentation.

These docs are for GoZync version 4.0 and higher. Docs for the earlier versions can be found here. Docs for the latest version, GoZync5, are here: GoZync5 Docs.

Migrating to GoZync 4? Find migration instructions here.

Latest Codebase

The latest codebase of GoZync is 4.058 (March 10, 2013). Version History


GoZync is a sync framework for FileMaker Go that lets you create and edit records offline, and then push those records and edits to your server when you have an internet connection: even a shaky 3G connection.

GoZync is an unlocked framework you can add to your own mobile files, or use as the basis for new FMGo solutions.

Visit the GoZync site to learn more, download a demo, or purchase GoZync.

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How it Works
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Use Cases

For Developers

Migrating from GoZync3
Downloading Found Sets: bring down just "my" records
Primary Keys: using UUIDs
Working with dissimilar schema (fields & tables) in Mobile and Hosted
What does it mean that GoZync is "transactional"?
Distributing New Mobile Files
Checking Out Records
Security & Access Privileges
Using the Zync Logs

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