Version History

Where can I find my codebase number?

The number for your copy of GoZync can be found on the bottom edge of most layouts in GoZyncHosted. You'll also find a field called GoZyncCodeBase in the Interface table of the hosted and local files.

What is the latest build of GoZync?

Build 4.058 (March 18, 2014) This build fixes a bug we had in the demo's date math. If you're going to demo ProZync please download a fresh copy of GoZync and use the GoZyncLicense.fmp12 file from the new copy (that's the only file changed in 4.057 and 4.058).

Build 4.056 (March 10, 2014) This build introduces the two-week ProZync demo; if your'e using LowZync and would like to take advantage of the demo, download the latest version of GoZync and swap out the new GoZyncLicense.fmp12 file for the one you have. You'll see a switch to turn on the demo on the main screen of GoZyncLicense.

The other change we made improved the logging around validation errors. This is an easy mod to make in your file and you'll find instructions here.

Build 4.054 (February 10, 2014) We've made a few small mods to accommodate behavior changes in FM13 (though all this stuff works in 12 also). Aside from a bunch of conditional formatting changes mentioned here, we did two things:

In QuickContact, add a "Refresh Window" script step as the first line of the script "GotoLayout (layoutName)" - the "soft" reference to layout name by variable at the end of the script won't resolve the window in Go13 without a refresh.
In GoZyncHosted we need to add a little more time for our mobile files to close when we're delivering a new version. It's a simple mod and instructions are here.

Build 4.053 (October 6, 2013) This version makes a number of refinements we recommend for all users. We added...

Better messaging of syncs where there are no changes since the last sync; hardened our test all configs script; added scripts to make it easier to sync some--but not all--records edited on the mobile device; updated a couple error dialogs to use the correct field name; and improved the way we test your script edits around related records.

Download 4.053 and copy the complete script steps from the following scripts, replacing the all the script steps in your version of each script. Note that these are not scripts you've edited as part of your configuration of GoZync:

In GoZyncHosted
Test All Configs
Test Config - Fields ( TOName )
In GoZyncMobile
Pull Selected TO
Push Selected TO
Delete Records Not In This List ( $IDsToKeep )
Check GTRR Script
The script named " --> Then Run This...Test "Setup Go To Related Records (TOName)" Script"

Build 4.052 (August 28, 2013) finishes two things from 4.051 =) We recommend this for everyone using GoZync 4.051. There are just two scripts to change here. Download 4.052 and copy the script steps from these two scripts, replacing the script steps in your copy:

In GoZyncHosted
Test Config - Fields ( TOName )
In GoZyncMobile
-- Get Filtered List Of IDs from Host

Build 4.051 (August 28, 2013) fixes a number of small bugs and a couple big ones around closing files and downloading new versions. We recommend this for everyone using GoZync 4.04. If you have an earlier version of GoZync, please find your version below and follow the upgrade instructions to 4.04 before moving to 4.051

Download 4.051 as the reference from which to copy these changes.

Changing Fields (required).

GoZync's sample files have long used a green "uploaded" indicator on the mobile side to show when a record has been pushed to the hosted files: when it had been zync'ed. In 4.051 we've enhanced that to show the last specific action applied to a mobile record. So now the possible states of a record are:

Pushed, Pulled, Round Tripped, and Modified

We're still recording the timestamp of this event in the record so you can give your users displays like "Pulled Monday, Aug 26 2013."

In order to make this change in your copy you'll need to change two of the "gz_…" fields you added to your mobile files. In fact, you *must* change these two fields if you want to take advantage of GoZync 4.051 or higher.

Fortunately these changes are easy to make.

In table in each of your mobile files, please:

a) rename the field "gz_TimeStampSent" to "gz_TimeStampZynced"
b) change the field "gz_Sent" to a text field
c) rename it "gz_LatestAction".
d) give "gz_LatestAction" the following auto enter definition: Case( gz_Send = 1 ; "Modified" ; Self ). This is much simpler than the calc we used to use there.
e) make sure "do not replace existing value of fed" is OFF in field options; this is how you should have fond the field set up.

Once you're done the conditional formatting you may have been using on "uploaded" won't work any more. To replace this add the gz_LatestAction field to any layout where you'd like to see the sync result. Consider using the conditional formatting we're using on QuickContact's "List-iPhone" layout as an example.

To show the date or time of this last action, consider pairing it with the TimeStampZynced field like this: <<gz_LatestAction>>: <<gz_TimeStampZynced>>

Changing Scripts (required).

Please download GoZync 4.051 and replace the steps in the following scripts, with the script steps from their 4.051 counterparts. All the affected scripts are in GoZyncMobile.

--> Then Run This...Test "Setup Go To Related Records (TOName)"
Zync It - Public API - ( TOName ) { Action ; RecordID }
Finish Sync
Zengine ( IDsToSync )
Check For Updates (File)
Get Current Build Number For File ( FileName)
Pull MetaData and Settings down from Host

New License File (required).

Please download GoZync 4.051and use the new license file there instead of the one you currently have. You'll need to re-enter your license codes: we're very sorry for the inconvenience. If you cam find your license codes, let us know and we'll resend them.

That's it. Don't forget to increment the GoZyncCodeBase field in GoZyncMobile to 4.051

Build 4.04 (August 6, 2013). This build adds a few things for folks who are syncing to multiple hosted files or who has more than one local (mobile) file but may only distribute some mobile files to some users. The net effect here is that at sync-time 4.04 now only tests the Table Occurrences being synced instead of testing your whole config.

We also added a switch at the end of the script “Finish Sync” in GoZyncMobile that will now close the hosted files after sync. (Leaving them open is in many cases faster for subsequent syncs, but this switch brings back the GZ3 behavior.)

To make these changes in your copy of build 4.03 download 4.04 and then replace the steps inside the following scripts with the contents of the 4.04 versions of these scripts:

In GoZyncHosted
On Last Window Close
In GoZyncMobile
Zync It - Public API - ( TOName ) { Action ; RecordID }
Start Sync
Check GTRR Script
Check Connection to Hosted And Local Files
Finish Sync

Build 4.03 (July 24, 2012). A minor repair to one of the "pull" scripts. To make this change in your copy please add the two lines shown here to the script ""Get IDs to Pull From Host, Delete Records On Mobile That Have Been Filtered Out" (whew; long name) in GoZyncMobile.

Build 4.02 (July 1, 2012). A number of minor refinements to 4.005: this is our first shipping build. To move to 4.0x from any 3.x version please download a copy of 4.0x and follow the migration instructions here.

Build 4.005 (July 1, 2012). Our first bate build of the new GoZync 4 version.

Docs for versions before GoZync 4 can be found here.

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