Navigation Privileges

How can I prevent some users from seeing some layouts?

You’ll do this using FileMaker’s built in Access Privileges. If you haven’t done this before, FileMaker provides for a very fine level of control. Open FileMaker’s built in help and read the section titled “Protecting databases with accounts and privilege sets”.

See the section titled “Security” in this documentation for more information.

Once you have some users restricted from seeing certain layouts, the navigation component of SeedCode will follow suit. When SeedCode loads the tab set into memory (when the Upon opening script is run or when the “Apply Changes” button is clicked on the tab editor) it scrubs the list of possible tabs against the user’s access privileges, only displaying tabs the logged in user is allowed to see.

If you script the option for users to re-login to your solution, you’ll want to run the script “Tabs - Apply and Load Tabs” after their re-login to present them with a tab set that matches their privileges. Note that even if you fail to run this script, the navigation in SeedCode has no way to override the native FileMaker access privileges you’ve defined; users won’t be able to get to layouts they’re prohibited from seeing.

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