Can I Search for Calendar Records?

Yes, but remember that the calendar is a front end, so performing a “find” in the calendar interface (on the Day or Month tabs, for instance) doesn’t really make any sense as you’d only find the calendar's interface records, not appointment records.

You’ll find a “search” button on the Day, Week, and Month screens. This search routine will take you to the appointment list in Find mode where you can enter your search criteria and then click “find” to find them. This allows you to build a found set of appointments and manipulate them in a traditional FileMaker List or Table view. You can also jump from any found appointment to its record in the Daily view, or export the found set of appointments from the list or table view.

You can also build found sets of appointments by clicking on the “List” or “Table” icons at the top of the Day, Week, and Month views. When you click one of these list or table icons, SeedCodeCalendar builds a found set to match your current context. So if you are on the Month view for May 2003, clicking on he list icon will produce a found set of the appointments for May 2003 (plus those for the last few days of April and those at the beginning of June that are visible on the month view. Clicking search from other screens will similarly produce a found set of records matching the Day or Week you’re viewing. In this way you can easily print (or export) all the appointments for a given Day, Week , or Month.

Once on the search screen you can continue to manipulate the found set just as you would in any traditional FileMaker file. You can also enter find mode and find records by hand, or use FileMaker’s “constrain” options to reduce or expand the found set of filtered records (In Find Mode: Requests / Constrain Found Set).

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