Web Publishing

Can I Web Publish the Calendar?

Unfortunately, you can not publish the free version with FileMakerís Instant Web Publishing (IWP).

We offer an Instant Web Publishing Module for the Pro Version of SeedCodeCalendar; this module is a separate interface file that is optimized for IWP. We do not offer a version of this module for the free version of SeedCodeCalendar, however. The IWP module only works with Pro Versions of the calendar.

While the free calendar will almost working in IWP, youíll find that it doesnít look quite right and than some of the scripts fail. Even though FileMakerís IWP capabilities are much improved in FileMaker 8, sophisticated layouts like those in the calendar, wonít work in IWP without substantial modifications. Hence the need for our separate IWP module.

More Information

If you're considering the Pro Version of SeedCodeCalendar, check out our Instant Web Publishing Module for Pro which web publishes the contacts and projects component along with the integrated calendar.

Check out our Web Publishing Overview at for more information on your web publishing options.

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