Registering the plugin

When first installed, the Zulu plugin will run for two hours at a time before FileMaker's Web Publishing engine needs to be restarted. (You can find info about restarting web publishing here.)

1. Once you've installed the plugin, visit http://<host>/zulu where <host> is the IP address or domain name of your FileMaker Server (or its web publishing component in a multi-machine installation).

If that page doesn't come up, try the troubleshooting steps here.

2. There you'll see a "Register" link. Click that and type in the registration code you received by email.

Be sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in either your license code or the "register to" name. Both must match the information included in your license key email.

Next Steps

Once you've successfully registered, you're ready to start using the plugin, or to begin integrating the plugin with your FileMaker solution.

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