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Resource Scheduling Screenshots...

Daily View (Vertical)

30 Minute Scale

5 Minute Scale

Horizontal Version

Multi-Day Views

Screen shots from SeedCode Calendar Complete

Resources at a glance. Clicking on an item brings up its editing window- clicking on an empty space creates a new appointment for that resource at that time. Note that you can further filter this screen by any of the other calendar filters (user, contact, project, and appointment type).A lower detail version of this screen shows just the appointment title (instead of the title, the contact's name, phone, etc.) and can be used to make things a little peppier.

30 Minute Scale. Changing the scale along the bottom of the screen lets each user zoom in and out on the day. Here is the same day shown in 30 minute increments.

5 Minute Scale. The same day shown in 5 minute increments.

Horizontal Orientation. This view lets you see your resources as a list down the left side so that you can see more than 5 at a time (note that the current example is filtered to show just resources of the type "Banquet Room").

Zooming Out. This horizontal orientation offers a couple additional scale options so that you can view the schedule in whole days (looking at 14 days at a time) or whole weeks (looking at 14 weeks at a time). This is particularly useful if your resources are booked for whole days (like vacation rentals) or for several day at a stretch. Hovering over any colored "cell" reveals a list of all the appointments scheduled in that day/week for that resource.