The FileMaker Calendar You’ve Always Wanted

The next version of SeedCode Calendar moves the calendar’s complexity out of layouts and into the WebViewer, creating a calendar that’s faster, and much easier to paste into your files. This also lets the calendar take advantage of sexy behaviors and animations that were previously out of reach for FileMaker developers.

Our goals for the new calendar are pretty ambitious:

  • Beginners should be able to add this to their own file in less than 10 minutes
  • Feature a no-compromises, contemporary interface that’s easily skinned using CSS
  • Let you edit events in the WebViewer interface or jump out to your own layouts
  • Update the calendar with new features in place–without you needing to re-integrate
  • At least twice as fast as our current calendar
  • No plugins and won’t require FileMaker Server
  • Language and international date/time formats detected and respected on startup

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Unfortunately the beta program is now closed. We should be shipping the new calendar by mid December. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when it’s ready.


Beta Builds & Movies

If you’ve taken a look at our earlier tech preview builds, here’s what’s new in 8.04 (September 9, 2014)

  • This build is a good deal faster. We’re currently more than twice as fast when viewing >3000 events per month over the WAN when compared to our shipping calendar.
  • The To-Do List source demonstrates how you can use a FileMaker Pro layout to edit an event instead of editing it “in” the calendar’s webviewer
  • This build supports European date and time formats along with week numbers.
  • Formats are set to “auto” by default. We’re interested to know if this is working well for people outside the united States. To turn auto “off” and set formats manually, flip the switch at the bottom of the “Calendar Home…” layout.

Build 8.10 (September 23, 2014)

  • Link a contact or project to your event and jump right to the linked record in FileMaker.
  • Auto-detecting your system formats now includes five languages and their time/date formats.
  • Developers can alter existing translations and add their own (we’re looking for help with these translations: if you’d like to contribute one for your locale let us know).
  • Change the calendar’s appearance by editing its CSS file or loading our example “light theme” CSS from the “Under the Hood” layout.

Build 8.26 (October 10, 2014)

  • Add buttons to run your own scripts from the event-details popover.
  • Preview CSS changes live so you can more easily change the calendar’s appearance.
  • Create new status filters on the fly and assign colors using our new color picker.
  • Lots of small improvements based on your feedback.

New in build 8.64 (November 20, 2014)

  • Nearly our public, shipping build, this copy is unlocked so you can change more of the settings and link the calendar to your own files.
  • If you’re adventurous, follow our integration instructions to link the calendar to you own files and show your records in the calendar. (Just know that we may ship a new FileMaker file when we release the final version; that will be easy to swap out when it’s ready.)
  • We’ll soon have instructions for pasting the calendar into your file, but you might want to wait for the final build before you do that.
  • The calendar has been renamed “DayBack” as in “Take Your Day Back”.
  • Documentation is still a work in progress but articles on all sorts of cool things like translation, custom actions, filters, and in-app updates are already done.


Pricing has not yet been determined but it will be easy to upgrade from the current calendar to this new one: customers who have purchased our Pro Calendar since January, 2012 will be able to upgrade at a discount.

DayBack Calendar
DayBack's 30-day trial is unlocked so you can customize it and integrate it with your files.
Download DayBack and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips on how to modify it and use some of the coolest features.
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