Bug Fix: Minor Display issues in 5.4

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We've made a few minor changes to all versions (Free, Full, and Pro) of build 5.4 of the calendar. (The latest version is now 5.41.)

Instructions for making these changes to your copy of the calendar follow below.

Change to the Background Display: Free, Full, and Pro

Version 5.4 has a problem in the backgrounds of the days on the month view so that in some cases the number of the current day (today) is depicted on a yellow field with a green highlight. That is the format for displaying the current day (today) when it is also the selected day. Otherwise the current day should just be green.

To fix this, you'll make a simple change to the seven background calcs in the calendar table. The fields involved are named:

For each, edit the first Case line, changing it from
Code: Select all
Case (
d = CalFilterDateGlob and CalDateCalc1 = cd ; 7 ;

Code: Select all
Case (
d = CalFilterDateGlob and d = cd ; 7 ;

Be sure to make this identical change to each of the 7 calcs. This is the only change you need to make to the Free and Full versions of the calendar.

Sorting the To-Do List (Pro Only)

In version 5.4, To-Do items with no due date appear at the top of the list. This is a bit counterintuitive, because these items are less urgent than items to which you've assigned dates.

To make this a little more natural, add a field called "ToDoDateSortCalc" to the ToDoItems table in the calendar. This calculation should be set to evaluate in the context of CalendarDaily, be set to "Evaluate always", and return a Date. Define the calc as:
Code: Select all
If ( IsEmpty ( ToDoDateDue ) ; Date ( 1 ; 1 ; 2025 ) ; ToDoDateDue )

Now simply change the portal sort for the to-do items portal to use this field as its sort criteria. Remember, that portal is on 4 layouts, so you'll need to change each one.

Coloring To-Do Items (Pro Only)

We wanted to make a visual distinction between those items that had no due dates versus those which did. The following change to the ToDoItems field "ToDoTitleDisplayCalc" depicts items without due dates as dark gray, turning them green if items are due today, and red if the item is past due.
Code: Select all
Case (

IsEmpty (ToDoDateDue) ;
TextColor ( ToDoTitle ; RGB ( 68 ; 68 ; 68 ) ) ;

ToDoDone = 1  ;
ToDoTitle ;

ToDoDateDue = Get ( CurrentDate ) ;
TextColor ( ToDoTitle ; RGB ( 3 ; 202 ; 0 ) ) ;

ToDoDateDue < Get ( CurrentDate ) ;
TextColor ( ToDoTitle ; RGB ( 203 ; 23 ; 26 ) ) ;


That's it!
John Sindelar

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