Unsolicited Testimonials

“I just wanted to mention that the developer purchases I’ve just made reflect a genuine amazement with your free solutions. Not only are the versions I’ve played around with incredibly functional (and instructive) on their own, but they show just how much you guys know about what you’re doing. Rarely does a company offer so much, genuinely for free –i.e., with no restrictions, etc.,– with the inclusion of this kind of complexity, thought and elegance.

I can only hope to learn, on a number of levels, from you folks.”

– David Ryan

“I download a demo version of SeedCode Hierarchy, was utterly impressed with the product and quickly bought a license, encountered some ‘local brain technical issues’ during integration into my solution and contacted SeedCode for help. I was rewarded with a completely functional database containing my data! The product is first-class, and the support even better!”

– Stephen Wonfor

“You have a wonderful product, which I continue to incorporate into as many solutions as I can convince a client to accept.”

– Mike Tinder

“Thank You!! This is an awesome piece of FileMaker programming. The layouts are beautiful, the scripting and notes are clear, the flow is intuitive, and you’re allowing users to modify and customize at will!”

– Joe Pokupec

“Oh man, I am very impressed! I have never been in contact with a company with this level of support. The cost of the calender is worth every penny.”

– Pierre Hellblom

“Thanks so much for all the info you’ve provided so far.. you guys are awesome with your support.”

– Giles Ching

“I just wanted to tell you guys that we purchased the Pro copy of the Multi User Calendar at Devcon and we are really impressed. We are especially impressed with the IWP implementation of this product. I have been using it as an example of the amazing new capabilities of FMP 7 to instantly web publish an application. People are floored when I show them the system and tell them that no HTML or Javascript code was used by the developer to make it happen.”

– Kevin j. Wertz

“High praise to those who wrote this. It’s incredibly complex but easy to modify.Thank You.”

– Alison (on our support forums)

“It’s just perfect, the data separation and therefore the conversion was absolutely flawless, … what a service indeed, … many great thanks to you!!”

– Martin Blum

“Thanks again for your help with the last ‘chart’ we did together. It’s working perfectly, and our director is thrilled with it. It’s nice to be able to actually do this type of work (the Gantt charts) myself…I really appreciate your patience and willingness to impart your creativity and wisdom into my learning process.”

– David Nickerson

“I have had the CC Calendar working for them for 2 months and they are completely amazed at how it works. CC Calendar has kicked their creative juices into high gear.”

– William Rodgers

“Many thanks for your great work. With a few minor adjustments I could fit in the calendar in my clients database, thanks. Keep up the great work!”

– Willem-Jan Kempen

“5 Paws, Excellent. These guys know how to help their customers. Genius, absolute genius. I tested this product as an addition to a developing solution I am creating for the medical/health industry. The scheduling calendar will offer me tremendous flexibility for adding extraordinary value to this solution!”

– FMPug Reviews, 5 out of 5.

“I just wanted to thank you for the great product I just bought & downloaded: CC Calendar Pro. Wow! It does everything we need it to for organizing report production and personnel timing for use in our commercial real estate appraisal office. You’ve done an excellent job of organizing the program and scripts in a wonderfully intuitive manner. Although Scheduler was a contender, this Calendar Pro is working great on our FileMaker 8 platform. Keep up the good work!”

– Karen Mitchell

“You have succeeded in making CC Calendar Schedule Edition so easy to integrate that an intermediate developer can do it with ease. Just add your own tables, fields and layouts and you’re done! It’s the deal of the century.”

– Carolyn Phillips

“The more I used CC Hierarchy, the more capablities I found in it. It opened up a whole new way to manage my solutions. “

– FMPug Reviews, 5 out of 5.

“WOW!! Simple, elegant, and fast! No need to wait for a busy schedule to draw. That’s the clarity and magic that I needed to deploy your (and my) solution! I think I can take it from here.”

– Ken Weeks

“Our company is the largest civil engineering company in Northern Arizona. We had a need for a scheduling and calendar solution in FileMaker. We reviewed SeedCodeCalendar and found a perfect fit. It only got better from there, when the excellent after sales support had us up and running in a week and a half. We owe SeedCode a great deal of praise for how they responded to our every question. It’s great in this day and age to get quality service and support.”

– Vaughn Clement

“SeedCodeCalendarPro was exactly what I needed to find that weekend as a basis for my admissions marketing solution for my school. And at a great price for saving weeks of work!.”

– Dave Fearon

“I have written you a number of times and your response has been very positive and quick! Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your template ‘SeedCodeComplete’ very much! I know Filemaker fairly well but still much to learn, with your very clean and beautiful template you make it easy to create the perfect client database! Just wanted to say thank you!”

– Michael Rice

“I just want to say what a great job you guys do in providing SeedCode free. I’ve working on a project with it currently for my own medical practice and its great. I looked at the more complete projects but they were more then I needed. I even had a breath holding moment where I screwed it up but found the solution in the help forum in 1 min. Just great.”

– Martin SuttonBrown

“Thank you so much! The assistance and support you’ve provided have been amazing. As is obvious by now, I’m a huge fan of your solutions – and will absolutely be back for more licenses!”

– Catherine, Tai Digital Studio

“I once again want to thank you. I am so impressed by your work and knowledge. You have been responsible for the continuing growth of productivity for my business.

— Darrin Giglio

“Having now had the opportunity to really get familiar with the solutions we purchased I am just absolutely amazed at the excellence and sophistication of the programming. It exceeds my greatest expectations. This work is in a class of its own. I am just so blown away I wanted to congratulate everyone on a phenomenal job. This is what the FM community needs to really move ahead.

You can look forward to seeing the code implemented in what I hope will become compelling solutions in their own right.”

– Ralf Mandt-Rauch

“I just wanted to report that I assisted my client today in sending out 640 HTML Email Newsletters [with fmSpark]. It worked without any problems and it was all done within 30 minutes.

We split them in a couple of groups, as I wasn’t sure how it will work. The biggest group was 337 contacts and even though the server database backup was running at the same time it went through in under 10 minutes.

We had a couple of records with errors in the email address and it was very handy to just correct them straight in the Send screen and email just the one.

My client is very, very happy and of course I am too. We both agreed, that fmSpark is a very powerful tool. I can highly recommend it to anybody who wants to send letters and emails to Filemaker contacts. Especially the HTML email function is just great!”

– Regine Endres

“[fmSpark is] un-frigging-believable! Brilliant!!!”

– Peter Stapleton

“I just wanted to let you know that the $199 I paid for the Developer License [of NinjaCal] may well be the best $199 I have ever spent in my entire life. I love this functionality and the fact that you have made it so easy to integrate and use.”

– Michael Rocharde

“I just wanted to say thank you. I used de ‘CC calendar free’ in a project, and the final users are very confortable with the solution. They say I designed a very good, friendly and beautyfull software and, in reality, the main merit is for SeedCode and not for me. Thanks again.”

– Francisco Flores

“I’m slightly amazed that I was able to follow the instructions & directions as I’m not a FM pro. But, I did it and it works!!!”

– Lorne Resnick

“This is too AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!!

– Kristie Marleau

“Getting fmSearchResults integrated into my app took all of 25 minutes. It was just incredibly easy because the detailed instructions were clear and precise. I very much appreciated how the instructions emphasized just getting it up and running before going back and doing the fine tuning adjustments. I anticipate spending another hour fine tuning fmSearch so it reflects the look and feel of my application, but it’ll be a piece of cake. I wish all FMP third party offerings were this professional.”

– Will Bullard

“@tdietrich Best FileMaker Investment 2009 – fmSearchResults Customer’s absolutely love this product. It will rock your database.”

– cranstonIT (on Twitter)

“I really appreciate all the clean, well thought out work the went into making Calendar ProDev Complete. This was the first time I decided to use an ‘open’ package as a staring point and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

– Max B.

“My Client loves the Calendar. I am using it to enter in their chartered flights and it is so easy. They can make flights for the whole month. (they can select the days.) I didn’t need to train them at all. I used the Blank tabs on the event window to list all the passengers and I took the graphics and put them around the database.”

– Oreste Schiavone.

“I’ve enjoyed working with your products. It’s been fun. You’ve helped me create some really helpful stuff for my small medical practice.”

– Mark Nelson

“Great service! Today I looked into the support forum and saw that there were plenty of good things to read and learn about before I ask you directly. I saw there was stuff about the new Complete” already as well :-)

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product and your work on Seedcode up to this date. It is very inspiring. Keep up the good work!”

– Simon Danielsson

“I was a beta tester for Zulu, and I can say it works flawlessly in my own solution fmDocMan (soon to be released). I use Zulu every day.”

– Dave Wheelock

“I successfully installed FMSearchResults into my project. Everyone loves what it can do!! More powerful than search capabilities of our $120K software that runs on SQL :)”

– Karen Fortier

“Your responsive support is as amazing as your product. Both have far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to utilizing more of your products soon. “

– Z (on our support forum)

“Your product, Seedcode Complete is awesome. Thank goodness for it. The programming in it is decipherable even to an older programmer completely self taught such as myself. Modern style programming and nicely organized on the relationship screen. I left home at 16 and only have a grade 11 education and I am 57 yrs old. Also one of the main programming companies in Ottawa has said confirmed the clean clean style of programming in SeedCode Complete. It is like a work of art from my point of view.”

– Howard Haimovitch

“I’m continually amazed at the flexibility you’ve put into SeedCode Complete. The scripts are so well documented, and even broken out into separate scripts at all the right places, that about anything is possible.”

– Max

“I have worked with Filemaker since 1993. I only develop for my own businesses. In all these years I have never seen anyone do anything like this. The application is rock solid and the syncing is working perfectly. I would expect things like this with a more object oriented language but somehow you have bent Filemaker to perform similarly. It has taught me a lot.”

– Paul Thomann

“Sorry, @seedcode but something that cool should be illegal. #zulu”

– AndyFrazier (on twitter)

“Jason, When you said that you had put together a video of how to approach the problem, I had hoped that you might have an instructional video. Never, did I imagine that you would create one specifically in response to my question! I just need to tell you (and John… again) how incredibly much I appreciate the commitment that you both show to your customers. I can’t recall any other product or service that I have ever encountered that is as amazing as your day to day operations seem to be.

Also, never in a million years, would I have figured out the method that you demonstrated in the video. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– JLKoch

“Just a quick note of thanks. You have made integrating your free calendar remarkably easy. This is a fantastic tool. Again, many thanks.”

– Joshua Beckett

“Problem solved. GoZync works a charm. Me very happy, customer breaths sigh of relief!
Thanks for being there. It’s why I recommend SeedCode products to my clients. At the end of the day, I know the products are well tested, the documentation is probably the best out there, and the support is like having a friend you can run to next door.”

– Adrian Simpson

“Wow, you and your team are amazing. Thank you for the rapid response and assistance on these files. Thanks to your efforts, the team down in Haiti was able to go out, do patient visits, and successfully sync their patient data.”

– Joel Fauntleroy

“Just wanted to drop you a note that the Zulu product and calendar is amazing. It is really going to make a big difference in our business.
Thanks for your help.”

– Greg

“I appreciate all your help. The syncing is working awesome! GoZync was central to the success of this and future products!!!”

– Don Blaylock

“What is amazing, almost overwhelming, is the simplicity of implementation. My biggest problem was over-thinking that simplistic implementation. It was so easy that I found myself imagining it being much more difficult and complex. I simply need to try to not over think it and instead just do it! This is the calendar you always wanted for users of your application no matter how complex. I tried many different calendar solutions before finding SeedCode Subscribe, now I just Subscribe!”

– Larry Schunk

“Subscribe is great, fast, easy, looks lovely, good documentation. Fantastic.”

– Jason Lisburn

“I love database development. I’ve designed a complete practice management solution that includes electronic insurance and scheduling (using SeedCode Calendar Pro). I’ve also designed an accounting solution that includes payroll. I use and maintain both. However, it’s not my full time job.”

– James R Weber DDS

“I want to thank you for your free copy of SQL Explorer. I wanted to start using FileMaker’s SQL function, but I was flailing. Your tool assisted me in making the statements I needed, quickly too! That in itself would have been enough, but it also quickly taught me quite a bit about SQL syntax. Within a very short time it has given me the confidence and know-how to write my own statements. Thank you!”

– Dan Pouliot

“Your and Todd’s hard work with GoZync helps make FMGo be actually business-grade.”

— Cosma L. Muresan

“I have already began customizing the Resources and partitioning them as per the instructions on your website. I must say, the documentation on your website for both the calendar and GoZync is excellent. We have now been using GoZync to sync a Field Engineer’s App I created for around 6 months and the feedback I have had from the engineers has been excellent.
Thanks again for making my life that little bit easier with these two fantastic products.”

— Dave Potter

“This [DayBack Calendar] is a thing of wonder and beauty… just getting my head round it, and seeing some new possibilities too.”

— John Renfrew

“I have been very impressed both with the ProMaps and DayBack Calendar products I have purchased and the support desk responses, so will definitely be buying more SeedCode products in future.”

— Tim Searle

“You guys rock! I just spend the weekend working with your GoZync sample files locally, then moved your host file onto our FM Server in the cloud, then finally integrated GoZync into our FM app (one table) and all worked great! The documentation and the video (not to mention the dashboard troubleshooting!) were great. Well Done!”

— Jeff Millard

“[DayBack Online] is really impressive on many levels! The speed is remarkable.”

— Jim Recht

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect calendar for 20 years and you guys built it.”

— Rob Hendel

“At this moment I’m very, very impressed with you work because in your last version, (SeedCode Calendar Pro) works very slow with my events file. Now it’s very fast. My events file contains 235,531 records and works very fast and fluid.”

—Angel Bonet

“I’ve learned quite a lot by looking at your code, and become a better FileMaker developer as a result. You guys should be very proud of the work you’ve done. It is excellent. Thanks again for your follow-up and the tremendous support that both you and Dan have provided.”

—Eric Anderson

“YAY!!! It worked! Thank you for the magic talisman, we don’t mind “lazy fetching” at all… I can see a slight difference in load time, but not at all an unpleasant one. Please thank Dan, too, for his testing and prompt replies while we worked this out. And thank YOU for having the developer’s foresight to make “lazy fetching” a variable option! We are big fans of SeedCode, and very much appreciative of all you do!”

— Don Mayne

“Thanks for your quick response. I’ve had such a great experience with Seedcode Calendar that buying outright and extending in-app updates for 4+ years is a no-brainer. Many thanks for your continued innovation, you have an incredibly talented team over there.”

— Eugene Takahashi

“We’ve had very positive feedback from our clients with your new horizon view and additional improvements to resources. It’s important to also note that the performance of DayBack has been excellent over WAN.”

— Eric Miller

“I am very impressed with SeedCode’s support.  They are prompt, friendly, and accurate, which saves time and is a rare pleasure.  We chose DayBack over other FM calendars — even though it is more expensive — because we know these are good people. Their excellence has far exceeded even our optimistic expectations.”

— Don Mayne, Ginkgo Software

“Thanks for the amazing support and customer service you provide, for a small shop I have never experienced the level of support and accessibility that you provide, super impressed!”

— Brandon Blakemore

“Thank you for providing such fantastic customer support!”

— Bill Rhodes

“So far I am overjoyed with the fantastic product you have provided.

I will be making more purchases, and evaluating products that we are using, for potential migrations to your products, to take advantage of the team you have in place.

Top notch product, followed up by exceeding even MY expectations!!!!! GREAT WORK SEEDCODE TEAM!!!”

– Kevon Binder

“As has always been the case with everything I’ve ever purchased from SeedCode and/or any of the materials you make generously available to the developer community, your documentation was excellent and I was able to get DayBack deployed with no problems at all.”

— Charles Zimmer, Satellite Office Services

“Calendar works wonders for us. Totally could not operate without it: helps big time in controlling production flow.”

— Jay Sanders, Lowy Frames & Restoration

“[DayBack] has made a really big difference. We are using it for planning our working staff for service, mounting and maintenance …We love the new feature duplicating events in the main layout. Looking forward for new amazing features.”

— Robert Mittermeier

“A giant, heartfelt thank you to all of you at SeedCode. My team of producers and schedulers are very happy and tell me almost daily how thrilled they are with the new system. DayBack is beautifully designed and your support has been superb.”

— Michael Harding

“Thank you and KC for all of your assistance. I am very satisfied thus far with the calendar, and you guys are great. Glad to have chosen a product with great support!”

— Esteban Urrea

“I am a big fan of your JavaScript UI and the whole concept of the DayBack solution. I am using it to schedule my employees and to easily track our daily activity. Keep up the amazing work!”

-Jeremy Verrillo


“Spent 2 days on the integration and customization and it works really well so I am very happy with it (so are my team)…I have been able to customize DayBack to do everything we were doing in a MUCH more lightweight and responsive way. You really do have a very good solution there. Well done, you are to be congratulated.”

-Greg Johnsson

“The calendar has been fantastic! We have been using it for 2 full seasons now, and the updates are all wonderful; I can’t wait to see what you have coming out next!”

-Nicholas Puddicombe, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

“The features are dead on perfect.”

-Robbie Comelek, Automotive Internet Management

“We have already been able to take advantage of the new features like text search, and analytics. This is really going to help with our planning. The few people I have shown it to are really excited, and found ways to help make decisions (good decisions) quicker.”

-Benjamin Poe, e4 Design – A Freeman Company

“I think that the work you have put into this build is excellent. It is going to make a huge difference in how we view our workflows within our company.”

-Darrel McCalla

“Wanted to add my name to what seems like a long list of testimonials, in this case for your SQLExplorer app. I’ve been writing SQL for the last several years and been working with FileMaker (FM) for much longer than that. FM is not the most forgiving environment in which to write queries and I got hung up on syntax errors that I couldn’t debug. After ~90 minutes with SQLExplorer I found the error of my ways and was back up and running. Many thanks.”

-Christopher Denny, UCLA

“Getting DayBack inside my app was my last year’s best business operational move I did. Implementation is still a work in progress, but it made me a better FM dev! Thanks John and his team.”

-Jean-Francois Fortier

“Becca, this is really incredible. On the live file locally, the chart note opened after restart instantaneously. Absolutely no delay. Thank you so much.”

-Dr. Brad Rachman

“Customer loves the calendar as it fits well into their business process and saves them quite a bit of money on the development. I love it as there are a lot of customisation options and my client always come up with the additional requirements, which are easy to implement with DayBack.”

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