Turn FileMaker Server into an iCal Server

With Zulu you can edit your records in iCal and, when you do, youre editing the FileMaker records directly. iCal will even respect FileMakers record locking if someone else is editing the record when you try to do the same.

There are no scripts to run when you edit records, and no need to manually keep iCal and FileMaker in sync: with Zulu, iCal is reading your FileMaker records from the server, just like FileMaker does. FileMaker iCal integration is seamless as iCal becomes just another FileMaker client.

Zulu talks to Google Calendar

Zulu iCal Sync

Zulu iCal Sync

Zulu is a plugin for FileMaker Server that lets you see and manipulate your FileMaker calendar records from iCal, Google Calendar, as well as from the calendars on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone.

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In collaboration with 360Works

Zulu is a collaboration between SeedCode and 360Works. Zulu support is provided by 360Works.

Testimonials Zulu - 2

In all these years I have never seen anyone do anything like this. The application is rock solid and the syncing is working perfectly.

— Paul Thomann

Testimonials Zulu - 1

Just wanted to drop you a note that the Zulu product and calendar is amazing. It is really going to make a big difference in our business. Thanks for your help.

— Greg  (more testimonials)

Zulu - Enterprise License


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Zulu for FileMaker Server

  • An enterprise license lets Zulu publish any number of calendars, from one or more FileMaker files, on one FileMaker Server, to unlimited users
  • (You’ll need one enterprise license per server if you have more than one)
  • You can map any number of Google accounts with the enterprise license
Zulu - Workgroup License


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Zulu for FileMaker Server

  • The workgroup license lets Zulu publish up to 5 calendars to iCal, from one FileMaker file, on one FileMaker Server, to unlimited users
  • You can map up to 5 Google accounts with the workgroup license
Zulu - Vertical Market


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Zulu for FileMaker Server

  • A vertical market license lets you install enterprise-level Zulu licenses on your FileMaker Server for your clients'
  • You may install as many Zulu instances as you need, but you may not install these licenses on your client's servers--only on servers you control
  • You can publish any numbers of calendars and map any number of Google accounts per zulu instances


Upgrade to an Enterprise License from a Workgroup Licenes for the difference between them.

Zulu or SeedCode Subscribe?

Both SeedCode Subscribe and Zulu let iCal and Google Calendar work with FileMaker. The calendars SeedCode Subscribe publishes are read-0nly: Zulu's are read-write. Because of that simplification, though, SeedCode Subscribe is simpler to set up and offers more flexible filtering. So if you need to edit your FileMaker events in iCal or Google calendar, you'll need Zulu. Otherwise, you'll likely want SeedCode Subscribe. Demos of both are available to download. Enjoy!


Zulu requires FileMaker Server 9 or higher; you do not need Server Advanced. More here. If you're using FileMaker Sever 13, you'll need to install Zulu manually as 360Works has not yet completed the FMS13 installer. Zulu does not include or require SeedCode Calendar, which is available separately if you need a calendar in FileMaker.

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