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FileMaker Calendar
Completely unlocked and customizable, the calendar adds a new dimension to your database. Bolt our award-winning calendar onto your FileMaker solution following our step-by-step instructions.

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Starter Solution
SeedCode Complete offers a comprehensive framework for organizing your business: contacts, projects, invoicing, and inventory. Use it as the basis for new FileMaker solutions. More than just a calendar, it’s a massive head start.

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FileMaker & Google Maps
Multi-point maps and routing for FileMaker. Map your found set or build found sets from shapes drawn on the map. Add your own fields, icons, buttons, and container images. Designed to be customized.

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What's New

  • SeedCode is Hiring

    We have two new open positions; one for an advanced FileMaker developer for custom projects, and one for a customer support role with JavaScript experience. Details, salary range, benefits, and an ...

  • Reschedule Multiple Events at Once

    DayBack for FileMaker allows you to drag-select multiple events on the calendar and drag to reschedule them all at once. But what if you’d like to do something besides changing their date or ...

  • Customization Library for DayBack Calendar

    We’ve collected nearly 100 of the most popular calendar customizations into a searchable library, making it easier than ever to change the way your calendar behaves.

    FileMaker Calendar Cu...
  • Drive Times & Distances in your FileMaker Calendar

    Building realistic schedules gives customers confidence that you’ll keep your promises. Now DayBack gives your dispatchers the confidence to make those promises by visualizing drive times and d...

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About Us

SeedCode is the leading extensions developer for FileMaker, the database and app creation environment from Apple. Our software enables developers to make more efficient and powerful apps for iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

I'm continually amazed at the flexibility you've put into SeedCode Complete. The scripts are so well documented, and even broken out into separate scripts at all the right places, that about anything is possible.

— Max (more testimonials)

Based in Seattle, SeedCode has team members in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Mexico.

About 40% of our customers are outside the US and DayBack is translated into nine languages with excellent support for regional date formats.

logopoeProud to be co-creators (with Ernest Koe, of Proof+Geist) of PauseOnError, the FileMaker unconference where new ideas first see the light of day. NYC, PDX, ATL, London, Berlin, New Orleans, Chicago.


Coding is Sharing

At SeedCode, it’s important for all of our solutions to be open. When many of us first started coding, the unlocked example files we took apart taught us what to do. We understood some of it, some we eventually improved. We were just hacking, but at least we were in charge.

Accordingly, everything SeedCode provides is open and well documented: so you can take charge of your own software.

We are lucky to have a broad, and very generous, community of developers well-versed in our work. They’re an incredible resource, but you don't have to rely exclusively on them. You can make your own tools, and know that we've got your back if you get stuck.

DayBack Calendar
DayBack's 30-day trial is unlocked so you can customize it and integrate it with your files.
Download DayBack and we'll send you a couple short emails with tips on how to modify it and use some of the coolest features.
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Need More?
SeedCode tips & example files in your inbox
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