What are in-app updates?

ProdImageUpdatesIn-app updates let you receive new versions of DayBack Calendar without re-integrating the calendar into your solution. Many updates require no FileMaker script changes at all: you just click “install update” and you have new capabilities in DayBack.

Here’s a short video of updates in action.

We’ve delivered a ton of features via in-app updates in DayBack’s first year, including multi-day resource scheduling, FileMaker Go support, grid view, custom actions, and lots of little enhancements and bug fixes.

Recent updates have included iPhone specific views, changing calendars on the flyPivot View for horizontal resource scheduling at hourly time scales, drag-to-duplicate records, and breakout view for balancing your workload.

Extend your in-app updates

If you’ve purchased DayBack Calendar on a monthly or yearly subscription, you can download in-app updates for the life of your subscription. But if you purchased DayBack outright, your free updates end after the first year.

Not to worry, you can extend access to updates by selecting one of the subscriptions below. Once you’re subscribing to in-app updates, you’ll have access to new features for the life of your subscription and will never see the “updates expiring” message again. Please select the user count which matches your original DayBack license: we’ll ask you for your original DayBack order number when you check out (you can see it in the Account Settings screen in the calendar if you don’t have your original email).


How will I know when updates and new features are available?

DayBack now includes a notification system to let you know when there are new features. The “more” menu in the upper right (where the three dots are) will turn to a green envelope when there is a new notification you haven’t read. These are usually new features but sometimes include tips on how to use or customize DayBack. You can turn these notifications off, or restrict them to just Full Access users by following the instructions here.

What if my updates expired a two months ago?

Purchasing a subscription will grant you access to updates right away (well, as soon as you enter the new license into your copy of DayBack), no matter how long since your original updates have expired.

Can I renew again next year?

Of course; subscriptions renew each year so you keep getting new features and improvements.

What happens if I cancel my subscription to updates?

If you cancel your subscription to in-app updates DayBack will stop working until you enter your original DayBack license back in. This is the license you received when you first bought DayBack and if you can’t find it, just get in touch and we can send it over.

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