All solutions ship with FM11 and FM12 versions.

SeedCode solutions are FileMaker 12 ready and ship with files for both FM11 and FM12.And most solutions you already have will convert easily to FileMaker 12

Product  FM 12 Ready  Can I Convert Mine?
Free Calendar  New for 12  Yes
Pro Calendar  New for 12  Yes
SeedCode Complete  Yes  Yes
Zulu Calendar Sync  Yes  Yes z
GoZync  New for 12  Yes g
fmSearchResults  Yes  Yes
fmSpark  Yes  Yes s
Hierarchy  Yes h  Yes
NinjaCal  Yes  Yes
FM Chat  New for 12  NA
Older products  No  Yes o


Yes – you should be able to convert your existing solution without issues.

Yes* – you’ll need to change something to get the this working in 12. See our footnotes for more details.

New – we’ve written a brand new file to take advantage of FileMaker 12.


Notes on converting each product

Zulu: the zulu scripts and layouts in your FileMaker file will convert just fine. But you’ll need to download a new version of Zulu (a new installer) to install Zulu on your FileMaker 12 server. Download the latest version here. And if you have Zulu installed and are going to upgrade to FileMaker Server 12, then please uninstall Zulu before proceeding. Server 12 installs different Web Publishing components and this will prevent and conflicts.

GoZync: you’ll need to change a couple of things in your mobile file (the file on your iPhone or iPad) and download a version of the hosted GoZync file. We have a conversion kit available for download; it includes the new file and step by step instructions for making the necessary changes.

fmSpark: there is a single script step to change in the file fmSpark.fmp12 the script “nav head” sets the variable $_LON and that calc has “.fp7” in it. Change that to “.fmp12” That’s it.

Hierarchy: converts great, but we have discontinued the product as it was just way too complex for most folks to modify. FileMaker has evolved since Hierarchy was written and there are now simpler ways to do this. We recommend this technique from Excelisys.

Older products: SeedCode stuff build before FileMaker 10 and 11 will need to be converted to 11 before it can be converted to 12. Some of this will work out fine, but you’ll want to test newly converted apps before to put them into production.


What can I expect when converting?

Your files will look exactly the same after conversion; if the conversion process isn’t pixel perfect, it is very hard to tell where. FileMaker has done a great job on this.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to convert all your files and your server (if you’re using server) since FileMaker 12 can’t talk to older versions and FileMaker Server 12 can only host FM12 files.

You’ll notice that layouts take just a second more to draw in 12 as the new design surface and rendering engine has a bit more work to do than it did in 10 and 11.

In general, you probably don’t want to apply a them to a layout that is based on the classic theme or a layout that has more than one “kind” of button, tab, or portal on it. This is because the theme will make every button, tab, or portal on the layout take the appearance of the new theme, and this is rarely what you want. This means applying a them to an existing layout is probably something you’ll do only to very simple layouts.

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