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GoZync5: CalcFields

Can GoZync Sync Calc Fields?

Yes, though you can't sync "into" calc fields. For example, you can have a calculated field in the host that you pull into a regular field on Mobile. Or you can have a calc'ed field in mobile you push up to a regular field in the host.

But if you have calc fields of the same name in both your hosted and mobile tables you'll get errors that'll stop your sync: because you can't set values into a calc field, of course.

The key is to have a calc on only one side (either mobile or hosted). That field only needs to be on the layout you pull from: so put the calc version on the sync layout--we'll pick it up and send it on it's way. If you put the corresponding non-calc version on it's sync layout, we'll try and send it on its way, and there will be a calc at the other end causing an error. Remember, the only fields you need on a sync layout are the fields you're sending from that layout.

For more on calcs, setting literal values, and conditionally setting fields, read up on Custom Field Mapping.

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