Launcher File

Using GoZyncLauncher.fmp12 for your native iOS app

Follow these steps to use GoZync's Launcher file for an iOS SDK deployment of your zynced solution. If you're not yet running GoZync 5.08 or higher, see the VersionHistory page to get updated to the latest GoZync build first.

1. Follow normal iOS Application Instructions to generate your app.
2. Create a Custom URL Type. Call it something unique to your application.
3. Place the GoZyncLauncher.fmp12 file into the Solution Files Folder.Delete the PlaceHolder.fmp12 if it is there.
4. Open the configFile.txt and change "launchSolution = PlaceHolder.fmp12" to "launchSolution = GoZyncLauncher.fmp12".

Open the GoZyncLauncher.fmp12 file

5. Edit the Custom Function "URLScheme". Make sure the urlPrefix matches the one you set up in Xcode.
6. On the Settings Layout, populate the two fields that specify your FileMaker Server and the name of your GoZyncHosted file.
7. Modify the "Main Solution" External File Reference. Just change the File Name part to your Main Solution Files name. The launcher will use this file reference to open the first file in your solution. If the files aren't on the device, the Launcher will ask GoZync to install them for you, then launch them.
8. Close the GoZyncLuancher.fmp12 file.

Thats it! You're done!

Build the app to the simulator or a device. It will launch and install the GoZync files and launch them.

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