Need an InBox?

What if you want to store all your syncs for reference later?

Earlier versions of GoZync had an "InBox" where all data pushed up from Mobile files ended up before it was processed into the hosted solution. While this was pulled in GoZync 4 because it really slowed things down, some users treated the InBox as a "backup", a record of everything pushed up from mobile before it was (potentially) modified by users in the hosted solution.

If this idea of a backup appeals to you, you can use custom field mapping to record all the pushed data to a backup table in hosted your hosted solution.

Begin by creating a backup table that is schema identical (has the same fields and field names) as mobile table you're getting the data from.

Once you have this table in your hosted solution, checkout the instructions for Custom Field Mapping where we discuss "Accessing other tables" during the transaction. That's exactly what you'll be doing.

Note that your posts into this backup table will be subject to the same transaction and error trapping as posts into your "real" hosted table. So if a given push can't complete into your "real" hosted solution because of record lock or another error, the post into your backup table will be reverted as well. As long as the SetField() steps you add to custom field mapping aren't interrupted by a script step that commits the record, your posts to the backup table will only succeed when your posts to the "real" table succeed. The converse is also true: if your post to the backup table fails for some reason, the post to your "real" table will be reverted. The two are bound together in a single transaction.

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