The Files

What files does GoZync require?

Note that we have a nice little map of this that may help.

On Your Host or Server

WorxHosted (an example of Your Hosted File)

WorxHosted is our example file: the file standing in for your hosted "mothership" file. Learn more about the WorxHosted file here.

GoZyncHosted (GZH)

This is the file containing the sync settings, your configuration interface, and Zync Options for each table you're syncing. None of the sync logic is here, but scripts to test your configuration are. This file is largely locked and also manages your license (the number of mobile devices allowed to connect). You can, however, modify the layouts if you want to change the way it looks. (Your mobile users may never see this file, of course, except to download your mobile files for the first time.)

On Your Mobile Devices

WorxMobile (an example of Your Mobile File)

WorxMobile is our example file: the file standing in for the mobile file your users will be interacting with on their iPad, iPhone, or laptop. Learn more about WorxMobile here.

GoZyncMobile (GZM)

Manages the sync on your mobile device and pulls sync settings from GoZyncHosted. GoZyncMobile is completely unlocked and contains almost all scripting logic for performing a sync (there is a bit in a script you'll add to your hosted file). GoZyncMobile also contains the list of apps you're syncing and the last sync log for that device.

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