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GoZync5: TimeZones

How does GoZync deal with time zones?

Irrespective of time zones, GoZync maintains the last sync time on the server. We're not picking winners based on when a field was edited; instead, it's last sync wins. Which is usually perfect since a) the whole point of GoZync is to give mobile users only *their* records, and b) you have the option of syncing only the fields that have changed so you don't have whole records colliding. (You can read about how we handle conflicts and learn about locking checked-out records here.)

Note: As of version 5.09, the following modification is no longer necessary.

However, if you have users in different time zones than the server, you will want to make one change to the stock GoZync integration in order to make sure your users get all the changes since their last sync.

1. Edit your hosted file and duplicate the field gz_ModTimeStamp and name the new instance gz_ModTimeStampFeeder
2. Edit the original instance of gz_ModTimeStamp and make it an auto enter calc, returning the type "timestamp" with the following definition:
If ( gz_ModTimeStampFeeder ; Get ( CurrentHostTimestamp ) )
Be sure to UNcheck "Do not replace existing value...". You'll need to alter this timestamp field in each of the tables in your hosted file.

This mod will tell GoZync to store the record's change times according to the server time, which is in line with how we maintain the device's last sync time.

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