Date Formats

Does the Calendar Support European Date Formats?

Yes. We've worked hard to make sure FileMaker’s built in European Date format support is sufficient for all versions of SeedCodeCalendar.

FileMaker offers a menu item in the Format section called “Use System Formats”. Selecting this menu will cause FileMaker to display dates according to your system formats: SeedCodeCalendar sets this menu item to “on” in its open scripts. Note that the menu option is dim if your system formats are the same as those used to create the system you’re opening.

You can elect to have the Calendar’s week start on Monday if you wish. Simply select that option on the About / Settings tab of SeedCodeCalendar.

Note. You may wish to force the calendar to use your system settings natively. If that is the case you’ll want to save a clone of the SeedCodeCalendar file on a computer set up with the date formatting you desire. This refreshes the FileMaker file’s date structure as if the file was originally created on your computer. After creating a clone you’ll need to restore the calendar’s global graphics (see the interface topic) and press the “reset” button in the lower right corner of the month view.

Does SeedCodeCalendar Have Any Date Limits?

No. The calendar can represent any dates FileMaker can understand. You don’t have to pre-load it with day records in any way.

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