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The Two Kinds of Week Views

You can select which type of week view you’d like to work with on the Settings section of the About tab. There, under “Week & Schedule Views” you’ll see a setting called “Use Basic Week View”. The default for this is “yes’ as the basic week view is much faster than the “fancy” one.

Our basic week view shows the 7 days of the week as 7 vertical columns with the appointments for each day listed below the day.

Our “fancy” week view we place each appointment vertically within the day’s column at a point corresponding to its start time and draw that appointment in a curved rectangle whose length corresponds to the appointments duration. This view looks best when the calendar is tightly filtered (perhaps showing just one user’s appointments) so that there aren’t too many overlapping appointments. While the “fancy” week view only shows 5 days at a time, a “Show Weekends” button in the upper left will “scroll” the week to the right so that you can see the weekend.

Note that the “fancy” view will only show appointments that have a start time, where the basic week view will show all appointments, even if they have no times assigned.

Scale and Detail

The “fancy” week view has scale and detail options at the bottom of the screen just like the Schedule tab does. This week view is the fastest when the scale is “thick” (the left hand button showing times from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm) and the detail is “low” (the left hand detail button which removes the appointment description).

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