What's wrong?

If you can't see any events in the calendar after your integration, here are a couple things to check.

1. Run the "Upon Opening" script again.
2. Check out the Source No 1 layout in browse mode, reviewing every tab: are there any errors shown?
3. Check your system's date formats. If you're using a customized date format switch to one of the standard formats like United Kingdom and then close and re-open FileMaker. It is unusual, but stray characters in the date format can screw up the calendar. If switching formats repairs it, slowly add your customizations again checking that the calendar continues to recognize them.

My startup script keeps deleting and re-creating the calendar interface records, is this normal?

No. But it isn't lethal either. Here is how to fix it.

As you probably know, the calendar requires some dummy records in a table called CalendarRows. Our script " Load Calendar Settings - On Startup --- Edit Configuration Here ---" tries to make sure that users haven't deleted, duplicated, or created new records in this table.

I imagine the reason it is deleting and creating them each time you launch is that the script is no longer running from a layout were it can evaluate "CalendarRows::RowNumber". If you change the beginning of the script to go to a layout based on CalendarInterface (where our home layout is / used to be) the script should only reset the CalendarRows table if there is a problem.

Just don't go to one of the actual calendar layouts just to get to a layout based on CalendarInterface, since those layout are script triggered and could delay / loop your startup.

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