Calendar Tabs

How can I change the way the calendar looks?


Before you read on, watch this short video with some tips for working with the calendar in layout mode. It's a real time saver.


Be sure to check out Skins And Themes if you're new to themes in FileMaker 12.

Changing Size.

The video above offered some tips about resizing elements of the calendar, but remember that there are two calendar layouts for you to modify: the regular calendar and the "... no Side Menu" layout. The video above also uses our free calendar for the demonstration. The Pro calendar contains subtabs on the Day and Week tabs.

You can learn more about those subtabs here: working with sub tabs. To learn how we're hiding those tabs, check this out.

The calendar defaults to the day view, can I change that?

Yes. Each view of the calendar is just a real, native FileMaker tab. So to change the default view, all you have to do is enter layout mode, double click on the tab, and select a new default tab:

This will take you right to the default calendar when you navigate using the layout menu. But when the calendar starts up, it is still running its Upon Opening script, and we've got that going to the day view near the end of the script. So edit the script "Upon Opening" and towards the end, where it says "Perform Script ['Go To Day']", change that to call one of the other "Go..." scripts like "Go To Week".

That's it.

How does the Home tab work?

When you click on the "home" tab from the Day, Week, etc. view of the calendar, we don't go to a new tab on the same layout, but rather to a whole new layout. To do this there is a script trigger attached to the Day, Week, etc. tab object calling the script "Switch Calendar Tab".

If you were to edit that script you'd see that we run a different script when each tab of the calendar is clicked. Feel free to edit this script to change the behavior of the home tab, or to add your own tabs.

Note that the tab "label" (the text you see in browse mode) isn't used in this script: we use the tab's object name. So if you change "Home" to say "Menu" in layout mode, but don't change the tab's object name, it will still run the "Home" branch of our script when you click it.

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