Instant Web Publishing

Does the calendar work in Instant Web Publishing?

No. Instant Web Publishing (IWP) just isn't up to rendering layouts sophisticated layouts that use layered objects. While the calendar interface does not render in IWP, you can make your own simple IWP layouts that point to the calendarís events and appointment records.

What about WebDirect in FM13?

Yes. As of version 7.25, WebDirect Support is built into SeedCode Calendar. (7.25 is a paid upgrade from earlier versions). Learn more here:

Need to see the calendar data on your website?

Consider either Zulu or SeedCode Subscribe to sync your calendar with Google Calendar. You can then use the sharing options on Google Calendar to embed the synced calendar on your web site. Quite cool.

The main difference between Zulu and SeedCode Subscribe is that Zulu lets you create, edit and delete your data from the external calendar apps, while SeedCode Subscribe calendars are read-only.

Either product is also a great choice for people who need to access this information in a browser (Google Calendar) or on the road (iCal or iPhone and iPad calendars).

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