Linked Events

Can events be chained together?


If an event is tied to a project, you can chain the event to others within that project. When you do this, moving the end date of one event will cascade that change down to the downstream chained events within the same project.

There can only be one such dependency chain (one set of linked events) per project.

To chain an event, visit the gantt chart and click in the event's row just to the left of the vertical black line separating the white and grey sections of the chart. You'll see a little chain appear indicating the item is now part of the dependency chain. Click again to remove the item from the chain.

You get better control editing project dates on the gantt chart than you do elsewhere since you can move both a project's start and end date at the same time by dragging the event. Holding down the shift key when dragging the start or end of an event lets you change its duration. (more shortcuts)

Note that this feature is partially broken in version 7.26 of the Pro Calendar. Here's how you can bring that "chain" icon functionality back to the Gantt Chart.

On the Relationship Graph, make a new table occurrence called "SampleEventsFromRows" (associated with the SampleEvents table).
Then make a relationship from the CalendarRows TO to that new one, defined as CalendarRows::CalendarEventUIDCalc = SampleEventsFromRows::id.
Now change the calculation for the GanttItemIsLinkedIconCalc field in the CalendarRows table to use that new "SampleEventsFromRows" table occurrence instead of SampleEvents. You'll also need to change the "Set Field By Name" step in the "Gantt Dependency Chain - Toggle Item Membership in Dependency Chain" script to just a "Set Field". Have it set the SampleEventsFromRows::z_LinkedWithinProject field to 1 or "", depending on whether it's already set (see the calc in the "Set Field By Name" step for guidance on that logic).
That's it.
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