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Can I make the WebDirect Calendar completely read-only.


Obviously you can do this with access privileges so that users can't edit the events table if the log in with a generic account (or open the file without logging in). That's functionally locked down, but it may be frustrating for users without making a few changes to smooth things out. I'd also make the following (simple) changes:

In Access Privileges, allow editing of all tables besides the events (and ToDo list, if you use that).
Pull (or conditionally hide) the "+" button from the WebDirect layouts so users don't try to create new events.
Edit the event popovers and pull all the buttons from the bottom besides "cancel". Rename that one "close"
Make all the fields on the event popover unenterable and pull the up/down buttons next to the event time.

When combined with access privileges, these changes will not only prevent users from editing events in WebDirect, it will stop them from thinking events *can* be edited.

Some tips for editing those popovers can be found .

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