Skins And Themes

How do I elect to use a different skin for the calendar?

The free calendar comes with a default look and feel as well as an alternate look (an alternate "skin") called "Cool Gray". You'll find layouts for this in the layout folder "Additional Skins".

If you want to use the Cool Gray layouts instead of the default layouts, edit the three scripts in the script folder "Select Layouts --- Select layouts / skins here ---" Those scripts are very simple and comments will instruct you what to edit. Note that you don't have to elect to use the iPad skin: our scripts go to those layouts automatically if you open the calendar on an iOS device.

Can I change the theme of a layout?

Before messing with themes at all, please back up your file. Seriously.

In general, you probably don't want to apply a theme to a layout that is based on the classic theme or a layout that has more than one "kind" of button, tab, or portal on it. This is because the theme will make every button, tab, or portal on the layout take the appearance of the new theme, and this is rarely what you want.

This means applying a theme to an existing layout is probably something you'll do only to very simple layouts.

If you want to experiment with themes, we recommend duplicating the layout you're interested in and work with that duplicated copy. If you get results you like you can try pasting those results back to the original layout, though many theme objects won't paste correctly into layouts based on other themes.

If you end up modifying this duplicated layout so that it looks just the way you want, return to your original layout, delete all the contents, change the now blank layout to the new theme, and paste the contents from your duplicated layout back on to the original layout.

When I change a field's control style, the theme changes.

For some themed fields, if you change the field from a text box to a drop down list (for example) the field's appearance will change radically. This is a bug in FileMaker 12 themes but there is an easy way around it. Visit the Field Reference layout in SeedCode Calendar and you'll find all of our themes fields in each of their control styles: example radio buttons, drop downs, check boxes, etc. Copy the element whose style you're looking for and paste it into the layout you're working on rather than applying a style to an existing field.

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