System Requirements


SeedCode Calendar requires FileMaker Pro 12 or higher. The calendar does not use any plugins or other trickery for its basic functions. This is a simple FileMaker solution like any you'd make yourself, perhaps just a little further along.

If you're using an older version of FileMaker you can download a 30 day trial of FileMaker 12 here:


You can share SeedCodeCalendar with up to 9 guests without FileMaker Pro Server, providing each guest as a copy of FileMaker Pro. Even with a small number of guests, however, we strongly recommend you use FileMaker Pro Server for the best possible performance. FileMaker server also offers increased crash protection, allows the scheduling of server side scripts (ie email notifications) and provides for the scheduled backup of your databases, making it invaluable in our estimation.

Instant Web Publishing

We have not updated our instant web publishing (IWP) module for FileMaker 12. The calendar layouts will not work in IWP but you can build your own simple IWP layouts that show event information in simple form and list views.

If you're looking for customer-facing web calendars and scheduling interfaces, please %newwin get in touch.

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