Time Formats

How can I change the way times are displayed?

In the Event Display

Events in the calendar (on the month view, for example) are displayed as text, so we control the formatting of time in a script before turning that time into text we show in the calendar.

Edit the script "Format Event Time --- Edit Time Formats for Events Here ---" and you'll see a number of commented switches to do things like turn the time from 12hr time to 24hr time.

In the (vertical or horizontal) Time Scale

The times that display on the vertical time scale of the day view, week view, and schedule views are actual time fields, so you'll want to enter layout mode and change those using FileMaker's native time formating controls at the layout level. If you have trouble getting to the right tab in layout mode, read this.

In Event Details

The drop-down lists of event times can be changed by editing the value list "Calendar Times". The time shown on event details is editable in layout mode, just as you'd change the format of any other time field.

Can I remove the time display from just the month view?

Yes. The start time is controlled in the last Set Variable line of the script "Format Event Time --- Edit Time Formats for Events Here ---". To remove the time only in month view, change this part of that last calc...

// -------------- ALL OTHERS -------------------
Let ( [
t1me = GetAsTime ( $$sc_DateTimeStart[$$sc_SourceInUse] )
]; this:

// -------------- ALL OTHERS -------------------
Let ( [
t1me = if ( $$sc_Mode ≠ "Month" ; GetAsTime ( $$sc_DateTimeStart[$$sc_SourceInUse] ) ; "" )

That's it.

If you want to alter the displays of other views, use a Case() test instead of If() in the calc above and test for the other calendar modes like "Day".

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