Calendar Configuration

How can I change the calendar's settings, defaults, and configuration?

The calendar will "just work" when you first open Complete, but as you make changes you may want to visit the calendar's configuration to make some changes there are well. Even if you don't want to change anything now, it's a good idea to read through these scripts and layouts so you get an idea of what's possible. The calendar is configured in three places:

The config script. Most things are right here. Edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup..." and follow the comments changing values as necessary.
Sort. You only need to change this if you add new Multiple Sources. Edit the script "Sort FileMaker Records..." and follow the instructions to sort your records by date / time ascending, editing the sort step there to use fields from your events table.
Map your data. Go to the layout "Source No 1" and follow the directions on the layout to map the fields there to the fields in the CalendarEvents table. Again, this is something you only need to do if you want to change the field we use for the event summary, or change the field used for color coding. Check this out for more on how we interpret the contents of the summary field in a multi-line event display.
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