Calendar Tabs

How can I get to the calendar tabs (Day, Week, etc.) in Layout mode?

The tabs of the calendar are hidden beneath a series of buttons which need to be moved up and out of the way before you can edit the tabs beneath them. In layout mode you'll see some orange text right above these buttons.

Simply click on the button beneath the orange text (they are all grouped together as one object) and use your up arrow key to move these up 25 px or so. Now you'll be able to see the tabs beneath them (the tabs names are in gray) and click on them to move from tab to tab.

You can leave the buttons up and out of the way even in browse mode while you're working on the calendar layouts, but know that the buttons themselves may not refresh properly when they are out of position like this. Don't worry; they'll begin behaving again as soon as you move them back.

Need more? Check out this short video that demonstrates doing these kinds of things in layout mode.

How did you get that orange text to only show up in layout mode.

That is one of our favorite tricks. Just conditionally format the text to "disappear" when Get ( WindowMode ) ≠ 4. For "disappearing" we like to select a really large font size (like 300px) rather than a font color so we can make text disappear over things that aren't a solid color (like gradients).

Sometimes I see a second set of tab names flash very briefly above Select Day, Filters, etc. Can that go away?

Yes. This is something you'll see occasionally on windows as we haven't made the native tabs 'exactly' the same color as the background: if we did, you wouldn't be able to find them in layout mode. But once you know where they are, feel free to change these to be exactly the same color as the background and you won't see them any more.

The calendar defaults to the day view, can I change that?

Sure. The day view is one of several native tabs and is set as the default. Simply get to the tabs for the Day, Week, Month, etc tabs (instructions for getting to that tab control follow) and double click on one of the tabs to bring up the tab control. Then specify a different tab as the default.

This will take you right to the default calendar when you navigate using the layout menu. But the "calendar" button on the home screen is specifically set to go to the day view. You can change the behavior of that button to run the script "Go to Calendar Layout" instead of "Go To Day".

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