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SeedCodeComplete2: ChangingAppearance

How can I change the way the calendar looks?


If you're editing the calendar layouts, before you read on, watch this short video with some tips for working with the calendar in layout mode. It's a real time saver.

How can I add my own logo and remove the layout header?

These changes are just made by editing the layout in question. For the logo, just enter layout mode, select the logo and delete it. You may have to unlock it first by selecting "Unlock" from FileMaker's arrange menu.
The select "Picture..." from FileMaker's insert menu and select the logo you'd like to use (be sue you don't have the "store only a reference..." option selected). Once you have the logo there, you can copy and paste it to all the layouts that need it. You'll find logos on a number of screens, including the print layouts in Developer / Printing.
Dealing with the header is similar, but before you delete it, you'll want to ungroup it as it is tied to the grey button bar below it. Again, unlock the object in layout mode if necessary and select "Ungroup" from FileMaker's Arrange menu. Then re-select just the header and delete it or change its color. Note that when you replace this you'll want to set its auto-resizsing options to stretch the length of the layout, and to choose a graphic that looks good doing this.
On some layouts like "Home" the header is actually two objects, one of which is a solid color and THAT one is the one set to stretch to fill the screen. You may want to do something similar so FileMaker doesn't work to hard trying to stretch your header image. Of course if you just use simple colored rectangles from FileMaker's drawing palette you can just sent them to stretch and not worry about it.
If you're new to this "stretching", search for "resizing" in FileMaker's built in help and read the first topic.

Configuration Settings: changing the rows per day, rows for all day events etc.

Rows per Day on the Month tab.

You can change how many rows are visible for each day on the month; the calendar shows 6 by default and uses the first row to display the day number. To change the rows-per-day edit the script "Load Calendar Settings - Each Redraw" and change the month brach of the calc used to set the $$sc_RowsPerDay Variable, replacing "6" with the number of rows you'd like to see. Make this 1 more than the number of appts you'd like to see in a day since we use one row for the day number.
If your calendar month portal isn't set to show 6 times the number of rows per day, you won't see the whole month. So either increase the number of rows in the portal (and your layout size at the same time) or set the portal to scroll. See calendar tabs for info on editing the month tab of the calendar layout. Remember, there are tabs on these layouts-- both the big Day, Week, etc. tabs and the "simple" day / week tabs: enlarge all of these before enlarging the month view.
If you add a lot more rows, you'll also need to edit the script "Clear Calendar" and take a look at the first calc we use to set the first variable: the one with all the ||||||||| in it. Edit that calc and select everything starting with the first &, copy it, and now paste this in at the end of the calc, twice. This in effect gives you many more rows of ||||||.
Once you've changed the number of actual portal rows on the layout, revisit the configuration script "Load Calendar Settings - On Startup..." and find the comment "How many portal rows are visible on the month screen?" make sure this following variable(s) is the number of rows in your portal. You only need to edit the Regular calendar variable if that is the only screen you're enlarging.

Showing a different number of rows on the day view.

If you want to make the portal rows on your day view taller (maybe you're adding fields or just want to see more than one line per event) you'll need to teach the calendar that there are a different number of rows on the day portal than on the others.
To do this, edit the second SetVariable declaration in the script "Load Calendar Settings - Each Redraw" and edit the case statement so that you use your own number on the day view. Note that this number is shared between the simple and "regular" day views.

Can I add more fields to the day view?

Sure. Read adding fields for notes on how to add fields from your events table or from related tables.

Another nice modification is to change the row height on the day view so you can show more than one line per event. Be sure to watch the video mentioned above to get a feel for the stacked objects in this portal, then change the rows per day as described above to reflect the number of rows in your new portal.

How can I change the default view of the calendar?

Each "view" of the calendar is a separate tab on the same layout. So all you need to do is designate a new default tab. Learn more here: calendar tabs

Can I use my own colors for events?

Of course. You can set the colors to be whatever you'd like (though light colors work best). Learn more here: event colors

I'd like to add a scroll bar to the calendar, or see more rows per day on the month view.

No problem: both things are easily done. Learn more here: scrolling the calendar

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