Contacts And Companies

How are contacts and companies related?

Contacts and Companies are stored in separate tables, and linked using the _id_Company field in the contact's record.

When creating a contact you can just type a name in the Company Name field and you'll have created a related company record for that contact. If you think the company may already exist in the database, click the text that says "click to select an existing company" and you'll be able to select or create a company record from the mini window that appears.

You can jump to the company record by clicking the green arrow beside the "company" label, but you'll find there isn't much on the company layout save for a portal of the other contacts for that company.

How do I import contacts into SeedCode Complete?

Complete supports importing multi-contact vCards (like the ones exported from the Mac address book: you'll find the import command under FileMaker's File menu. Alternately, you'll find an import utility in the Extras folder that came with SeedCode Complete. That utility is a simple, flat file you can import into any way you'd like. Once your records are in there, click "Send these Contacts to Complete" and the utility will make the contacts and related company / phone, fax, and email records for you.

Details on importing contacts can be found here.

Using a company's address for a contact.

So if your contact is linked to a company with a company address, and the main address for the contact is blank, the the company address will be used. A note next to the street line of the contact's main address will say "company address will be used" as in the screen shot below. (The contact can still have any number of alternate addresses.)

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