Credit Card Processing

How it works

The optional credit card processing routines were added in version 3.0 of SeedCode Complete.

SeedCode Complete is pre-wired to process credit cards using the Plastic Plug-In by 360Works (available separately).

You'll find a credit card logo on the invoicing screen below the invoice, and on the invoice's payments tab:

Click on this logo from either invoices or payments to initiate a credit card transaction. After a successful transaction, SeedCode Complete will create the payment entry for you. (Credit card numbers are not stored in SeedCode Complete.)


Credit card processing requires the Plastic Plug-In from 360Works and a merchant account from

Set it Up

Vist 360Works to purchase a copy of the plugin or to download a demo.
Visit the settings layout in Complete and enter your License Key from 360Works' store, along with the "registered to" name from your purchase.
Enter your merchant account info into our settings screen.
Start processing credit cards.
Learn more in Plastic's own documentation.
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